How Do You Know if Your Financial Advisor is “The One”?

We’ve all dreamt about The One. They are smart, understanding, a good listener, and there for you when you need them most. And, we’ve met the duds; lovebombers, peacockers, or catfishers. Not just in our dating lives, but also in our search for finding a financial advisor.

Maybe at this point you have met a financial advisor, or even a few, and just not made that connection with any of them. Maybe it felt transactional, “off”, or like they were just in it for them. It’s a big step, trusting someone with your financials, especially when they may not be in the most perfect shape, or maybe you feel like you don’t know anything about finance, and you’re embarrassed to ask for help.

By keeping these “swipe right” factors in mind, you can quickly weed out the lemons on your journey to finding your financial “One”.


They are the one if… You feel comfortable telling them everything.

In order to really get your finances working for you, you need to feel comfortable sharing everything with your financial advisor. The more information they have, the better they are able to help you. Your financial advisor should feel like a good friend, one who’s willing to get down in the muck and help drag you out (if that’s the state of your finances), or be the cheerleader for you while you take your finances to another level.

And let us share a little secret with you… advisors are just regular people. Most of them got into this line of work because they wanted to help people. At some point they were helped by a financial advisor and it made such a big impact that they want to return the favour.

If you feel like your financial advisor might be Benching you, they probably aren’t The One.


They are the one if… You respect them, and feel respect in return.

Respect is a big part of finding your financial advisor. Ultimately this is your financial future and it is important that your financial advisor respects your vision and wants to help you reach it in the best way possible.

A financial advisor’s job is to listen and use their education to activate the best plan for you. Sharing the “whys” behind your plan is an important way for you to learn more about financial literacy, and shows that they respect you as a big part of the planning process.

Here’s another little secret..…anyone can become a financial advisor. What sets apart The One from the masses is their desire to take it one step further and focus on continued education. Not only for themselves, but for you.

If it feels like your financial advisor might be a Bot, they probably aren’t The One.


They are the one if… They are always in your corner, ready to help.

Financial planning is never just a one and done strategy and your financial advisor should be with you for every milestone. There is going to be a lot of changes in your life that will impact your financial plan and you’re going to need that support along the way.

By building a trusting and respectful relationship with you every step of the way, your financial advisor can anticipate your needs and be ready for your changes, maybe before you even know you need them.

The final secret….a lot of life changes are great, but some of them are going to hurt a little, and knowing your have someone ready and waiting to help you can make all the difference in the world. Knowing your financial advisor actually cares about you, your life and your changes, makes it easier to reach out in your hardest times of need.

If you feel like your financial advisor is giving you the Slow Fade, they probably aren’t The One.


Kardia Financial Advisors are a group of educated, caring and heart-centered individuals who have come together to change the face of the financial planning world. We want to really get to know you in every step of your financial journey and educate you to build your confidence with financial literacy. And, we want to make your money work for you to create a comfortable and stress-free future.

If you’re ready to start your journey to find The One, call Kardia Financial Advisors to set up a free financial analysis and see how our team can become your team.

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