Christan Hiscock

CEO & Partner

From day one, Christan has been an unstoppable entrepreneurial force with a passion for doing things differently. He took on his first venture at a young age and founded his first business at the age of 14. Since then, Christian has gained years of experience and credentials that make him a qualified professional; with the vision to match. His decade of experience in the financial management industry is responsible for his business acumen and understanding of the commitment and resilience it takes to grow a successful business in new and engaging ways.

Christan is often heard saying "you mean more than you know". This philosophy motivates him not only to create and run a business but also to inspire the people in those businesses to excel. Through Kardia, Christan wants to change the financial services industry by steering away from transactional based approach with clients to a more heart-centered and goal oriented focus, all the while bringing the best of services and financial education to the average Canadian family.

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