Josh Melnychuk

Financial Advisor

Josh is currently working towards a diploma in Business at SAIT so that he is best prepared to help clients meet their financial goals. He has already shown immense passion and drive to help Calgarians by completing his HLLQP with record performance. Although Josh has only recently started his journey to helping Calgarians through financial advising, he has embodied Kardia’s values for a long time. Josh has a natural inclination towards personal development as a means to best support and guide those around him. From co-starting a window cleaning business at a young age to taking on additional leadership training in previous professional positions, Josh came to Kardia with all the heart needed to join the heart-centered team of professionals.

Josh prides himself on his love of numbers and problem solving, making financial advising the perfect place for him to do what he does best, all while assisting his clients daily. Josh has already put his desire to help Calgarians become more financially prepared into action. In addition to working with his own clients, he works regularly with the Kardia team to create initiatives that provide resources to support both Kardia clients, and those who have not yet been helped by Kardia, become more financially literate.

When Josh isn’t working towards his professional goals, he is focused on keeping himself in the best shape possible, both physically and mentally. By focusing on mental health, diet and fitness, Josh creates a balance that allows him to be purposeful both on and off the job.

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