Tim Lacroix


For over 10 years, Tim has built his career on the values of education and compassion in the financial services industry. He has kept a consistant focus on the goals of his clients and as a result, he has been able to provide Calgarians with a superior level of service, regardless of their situation before walking through Tim's door. 

With the desire to make a change in the bigger picture, Tim took on the challenge of changing the landscape of the financial services by co-founding Kardia Financial Advisors. Even with the growth of his business and the expansion of his team, he has remained rooted in the heart-centered values that he instills in every client interaction he has. 

When Tim isn't meeting directly with clients, he is spending Tim at community events as either a volunteer or sponsor. He loves going the extra mile to stay connected to those he helps, inside and outside the office. 

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