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At Kardia Financial Advisors, we aim to create a new heart-centred standard of service in the Financial Services Industry that put our clients and their goals first. We provide financial solutions for people in all walks of life with the help of our knowledgeable, well-educated and compassionate staff.

Regardless of who you are, or what your financial situation is, we can help. We use a heart-centred approach that prioritizes getting to know the clients and understanding their financial goals. Whether you visit an advisor to grow your investment portfolio or want to protect your family for the future, we make sure that you leave feeling understood, knowledgeable and confident in your financial future.

The Kardia Experience

At Kardia, out clients' financial goals and wellbeing is our #1 priority. Finding financial stability shouldn't be difficult, and yet, the majority of Canadians don't have the opportunity to retire comfortably, if at all. We ensure that regardless of the challenges you are faced with, we have solutions that send you in the right direction, now and 25 years down the road.

We prepare you for financial success by providing you with the education you need to make informed decisions towards achieving financial stability. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel confident in the quality of service you are receiving and in your ability to attain your financial goals as a result of the education we have provided you with.

What We Offer

Our Kardia Financial Advisors offer a wide range of services to help you determine your financial goals and take the appropriate steps towards achieving financial security. We provide you with the financial knowledge and a wide range of options to make sure you are financially equipped to manage your financial future.

Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting

For many, the idea of investing money is equal parts alluring and daunting. In reality, investing your money is a crucial step in building a plan to ensure your financial stability moving… read more...

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Without the proper guidance, creating a financial plan can feel a lot like juggling. From daily spending, all the way to legacy planning and everything in between, it's hard to do it… read more...


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